We are the Morrison family from Glasgow, Scotland. We love our country, the history, the culture, the people and not forgetting the beautiful scenery.

Scotland is in our heart and in our soul, this is where the idea for Tartan Soul was born.

We each have special abilities and by collaborating all of our skill sets we have been able to provide quality Scottish products that we love making and that we are proud to sell.

First off there is Alistair (the dad). Alistair is very practical minded and likes to plan everything out before implementing the work. He has a skillset of woodworking and crafting, he loves to make things with his hands, which is a great asset to our shop. He also is a great problem solver and often questions product designs before we action them, picking on flaws or mistakes that we may otherwise have missed.

Next there is Hazel, (the mum). Hazel is very creative and can make unique designs and crafts with seemingly little effort. She is the soul reason my sister and myself won all of the Halloween costume competitions at school. Hazel also has a very keen eye for colour, it's like her superpower. She can spot clashing colours match from a mile away! This helps in our design work as it ensures that our products look as best as they possibly can. As well as sight she has a great sense of smell and is the mastermind behind our room fragrances.

Then there is Kirsty, (the daughter). She is a hybrid of both our mum and dad. She oozes creativity from my mum but is very focused and business driven like my dad. She could run a marathon with all of us on her back just to get to her next goal. She is also a marketing genius, she knows the target market better than us all and can create engaging and inviting content that is catered to our target audience.

Finally there is me, Cameron (the son). I am the talented one in the family, I promise I'm not just saying this because I have control over what is being typed here. I went to university and studied filmmaking, which I loved. I learned many skills during my studies but the part I loved the most was design. I use this to create the personalised portraits and digital prints in the shop as well as taking photographs of the products.

Our family clan name is one of the more traditional ones in Scotland, therefore all of our branding including the logo and marketing materials feature the Morrison tartan.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about who we are and what having our Tartan Soul Shop means to us. We hope you enjoy our products.


The Morrisons